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Color Stone Course

  1. Short Courses :-
    1. Duration : 1 Month
    2. Timing :10:00 AM to 3:00PM
    3. Specific course : Navratna Identification
    4. Commences as per candidate/IAG  convenience
    5. Course literature is provided.
    6. Courses can be designed as per specific office/individual requirements.
    7. Lecture sessions will be conducted either on a full day basis or between 3.00 to 5.00 pm. schedules can be arranged as per the convenience of both the candidate and IAG INDIA
    8. Courses can be scheduled and will be confirmed only with the registration and payment of full fees.
    9. Course dates will be scheduled three day after all registration formalities are completed.
    10. Course schedules for short courses will be continuous without any breaks/absenteeism. Only official holidays will be considered. Additional dates will not be scheduled for missed sessions.
    11. A candidate must have 90% attendance to quality for a certificate of participation.
    12. Duration can be defined by candidate whether two / five / fifteen days by request-slot availability.

Diploma(Regular) course in gem identification
• Duration : 3 months.
• Timing : 10.00am to 3.00pm
• Course concludes with the Diploma examination.
Batches: March, August, November

  1. Diploma (Correspondence) course in gem Identification :-
    1. Duration: 5 months to 2 years. Can be completed in a shorter period also.
    2. Commences as per candidates convenience.
    3. Course literature is provided along with a set of assignments to be completed and forwarded as per scheduled dates.
    4. Assignment as per scheduled to be submitted before the related practical sessions.
    5. Candidates, who do not forward assignment over a period of six months continuously, will be sent a reminder letter. Those who do not respond within a month will be considered as suspended from the course.
    6. Practical after specific completed topics (3.00 to 5.00 pm.) or on completed of all theory and assignments (20 days-full days)
    7. Dates for the complete practical session can be scheduled at IAG INDIA with Two weeks prior notice given in writing.
    8. The Diploma Examination will be held immediately on completion of the practical sessions at IAG INDIA, and will follow the examination format as per Regular Diploma course.
    9. Correspondence candidates exceeding two years in completing the course will have to re-enroll as per existing regulations at the time i.e. course material updates and fee structures.