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How to Buy Diamond Jewellery

Gold Purity (Karats)

When purchasing jewellery the purity of the gold will primarily decide the metal price. The term 'Carat' denotes Diamond/Coloured Stone Weight and 'Karat' denotes the purity of Gold. Hence be sure to check the Karatage when buying your gold.

Different countries worldwide have varying standards that are accepted by the consumer like 9K,14K,18K and even 22K Gold. absolutely pure or 24K gold is not considered ideal to be moulded in jewellery due to its relative softness. Ensure that the jewellery is 'Hallmarked' and not just stamped of its purity.


When purchasing Gold, Diamonds or Gemstone Studded jewellery always insist on a Certificate by an independant third party laboratory.

Laboratories check each piece of jewellery and verify the quality of gold, diamonds and gemstones in the jewellery piece. This generates confidence while buying.

The 4C's

When purchasing Diamond studded jewellery look out for the 4C's of a Diamond.

Colour : Diamonds come in a range of colours and could also tend to reflect the colour of the metal.

Clarity : Diamonds come in various clarity ranges as they form naturally under the surface of the earth. These inclusions could reflect on the price of a diamond on the basis of their position, relief, size and nature.

Cut : The cut of a diamond determines the way the light passes through the stone determining the brilliance in a diamond.

Carat Weight : When Diamonds are being cut, cutters try to save most weight as diamonds are very rare and hard to find although they try to maintain the best clarity they can achieve in a stone. 1 Carat = 0.20 Grams.

Natural and Synthetic Stones : With the growing appearance of Synthetic/Lab Grown Diamonds in the market, when purchasing stones one must be sure to check if the stone is of synthetic origin. Laboratries are now equipped to check each loose stone to determine if they have been synthetically grown in a lab or of natural origin.